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9W Inverter LED Bulb

9W Inverter LED Bulb

9W Inverter LED Bulb

Frequent power cuts is normal in rural areas. Cities are not different when it rains or electrical maintains is under work. You often forget to charge recahrgeable battery lights and they don't last. In this scenario you think of buying an inverter. But is it the right choice? Inverter costs you 15K-20K rupee. 

Smart choice for you will be 9W Inverter LED Bulb. 3-5 inverter bulbs will cover all the rooms in your home dpending upon number of rooms in your home. And it will cost you as less as buying a pair of jeans. Isn't it amazing? It saves you 14K-19K rupee.

Just plug and forget. Not to worry about charging emergency battery lights. It charges automatically when in ON mode.


9W Inverter bulb Info

How it Works:

  • Plug the 9W Inverter LED Bulb in socket.
  • The battery will automatically get charge if the switch will be in ON mode when main power/electricty is available.
  • It will take 6-7 hours to fully charge the battery when in ON condition.
  • When main power supply is cut-off and switch is still ON, Inverter LED Bulb will continue to glow at a lumen which will belowered by 45-45%
  • It will continue to glow upto 4 hours on a battery.


  • Do notconnect any other bulb/lamp on the same switch as the Inverter LED Bulb, otherwise it will glow after switch is OFF.
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